About Our Products

From an idea to your hair.


Product ideas usually come from our customers or our staff by way of the customer. We strive to create products that work for different hair and skintypes so customers can look and feel their best.


Our first step is carefully sourcing raw materials that meet the high standards of our brand and our customers. We typically source the ingredients we need to formulate multiple prototypes


We develop several formulas and begin testing them in store. We are able to obtain feedback from barbers and customers and begin the tweaking process.


After the first round of testing we
start to refine the products. We usually go through a handful of rounds prior to settling on a formula. The most important part of this process is ensuring that the products function as well at home as they do in store. We always test and refine in both environments.


Once we are ready we begin production in our facility in Ontario. Everything is made in small batch to ensure quality and consistency. It is also impossible to make really great, healthy products in large quantities.


Before retailing a product, we train our staff across all stores on the benefits of the product and how to use it. This is the genesis of everything we do. At Starks we educate. In a retail store the customer knows nothing about what they're buying. At Starks they know everything.


Our products hit the shelves and are being used in service every day across the GTA. Customers experience the products in store and are given instruction on how to use them at home.

Quality Control

We have a system of checks and balances to ensure every run of product gets produced with the same consistency and integrity.

People rely on Starks to handle their grooming needs and that's our goal from service to product and everything in between.


Not sure about your hair type?