Our Story

It all began in our barber shops

The reason we started opening barbershops over a decade ago is because we thought men were underserved. Old school barbershops weren't up to trend and there were way too many budget brands that didn't focus on
quality. Men needed a better option... A few years into our journey we realized the same applied for men's products.

Starks Gentlemen's Supply was born

We started formulating products for the discerning man. We decided to take an innovative approach and engineer products for specific types of hair. The reaction we were getting from customers was astonishing. Many years(and many products) later we felt like it was time to share our creations with the world.


We couldn't just launch a website. We needed to figure out a way to recreate the Starks experience online. Through our hair quiz we were able to give people the same consultative approach we use in stores. We hope you are as happy as the patrons at our barbershops. If not, we'll stand by our objective with our satisfaction guarantee.

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